Linde R 16 G ACtive for hire

There are many applications where there is a requirement to combine narrow aisle stacking duties with the need to work on less that perfect external and internal surfaces for either pallet transfers or lorry loading/unloading for example. The Linde versatile ‘G’ series provides the perfect solution to these types of applications with its large cushion tyres able to cope with the varying surfaces encountered on sites where previously it might have been necessary to use two different types of trucks. Employing advanced, Linde energy efficient control technology, the powerful output of the maintenance-free, high-torque AC drive motor translates into impressive performance. The operator of a ‘G’ series reach trucks enjoys all the benefits of the other Linde ‘Active’ series reach trucks including the superbly functional and comfortable operator’s compartment. For those multi-purpose indoor-outdoor handling applications involving narrow aisle stacking the Linde ‘G’ series of reach trucks offers the perfect solution.

R16GACtive capacity: 1600 kg