Linde L 10 for hire

Pedestrian pallet stackers perform an essential role in providing exceptionally cost-effective handling solutions for a huge variety of businesses around the globe where space is at a premium and versatility and adaptability is required. The Linde L 10 and L 12 range of electric pedestrian pallet stackers are highly manoeuvrable, versatile trucks ideal for handling open base pallets and stillages carrying out a variety of tasks such as mediumlift storage/retrieval, in narrow aisles, block stacking and pallet transfer duties. The low pivoting tiller arm keeps the operator at a safe distance from the truck when working and with all the controls ergonomically grouped on the tiller head for ease of use by either hand. The L 10, L 12 pallet stackers boast a rugged yet slim rounded profile chassis and clearview mast options, which combine with superbly functional and intuitive operating controls to enable highly efficient, fatigue-free load handling, coupled with very low operating costs.

L10 capacity: 1000 kg