Linde V 12 for hire

For those businesses whose competitiveness and success depends on maintaining a consistent and high level of service to their clients with efficient and accurate order picking processes, choosing the right order picking equipment is vital. Linde’s advanced V range of multi-level orders was designed with those essential criteria in mind. The V 12 is the largest in the superb Linde V series with a lifting capacity of 1200 kg and picking height capabilities up to 10480 mm. Given the best equipment, it is ultimately the operator who is the key to efficient and accurate order picking and with this in mind the Linde V 12 provides the perfect interface between operator and truck. The spacious, cushioned cab and intuitive control console layout requiring minimal hand movement are designed to provide optimum comfort and simplify the picking process. Supplementary lift ensures the pallet is always at the most ergonomic picking height.

V12 capacity: 1200 kg