Do I have to have a truck for a set period? 

You can hire a truck for a few of hours to several months.
Our hire periods are tailored to meet your needs.

What is the minimum period I can hire a truck for?

The minimum hire period is one hour.

We don't have an account could we pay by card?

We accept all major credit cards.

What trucks are available on the rental fleet?

The Linde Forklift Truck Hire offers the widest range from a single manufacturer :

  • Engine and electric counterbalance trucks
  • Warehouse trucks : pallet trucks, order pickers, pallet stackers
  • Reach trucks with lifts to 12 metres
  • VNA man-up and man-down trucks
  • Sideloaders and heavy trucks
  • Complete range of options and attachments
  • Chargers, batteries and changing equipment

How quickly can I hire a truck?

For urgent requirements, we maintain a fleet of 'ready to go' units delivered by our own transport.

What is included in the rental price?

  • Free application and product advice
  • Servicing & repair (wear & tear)
  • All safety inspections (LOLER and PUWER)
  • Linde Material Handling performance and quality

How much is transport?

We use our dedicated transport to keep these charges to a minimum and our rental team will advise you of this.

Common Forklift Truck Acronyms & Abbreviations

    Amp/h       Amp per hour    

    CB            Counterbalance truck

    FFL           Full free lift (mast)

    HPT          Hand pallet truck

    LPG          Liquefied Petroleum Gas

    OP            Oder Picker

    PFL           Part free lift (mast)

    PPT           Powered pallet truck

    RT             Reach truck

    RTFLT      Rough terrain forklift truck

    S/S           Sideshift

    LLOP        Low level order picker

    LOLER     Lifting operations & lifting equipment regulations

    PUWER   Provision of use work equipment regulations

I wish to use the truck mainly indoors what fuel source should I use?

This depends on the amount of air changes / circulates within the building.
If you are not sure then electric is the best option.

What are the varying types of forklift truck mast available?

  • Simplex - single stage full free lift mast
  • Standard - two stage part free lift mast
  • Duplex - two stage full free lift mast
  • Triplex - three stage full free lift mast
  • Quad - four stage full free lift mast


What is an L.O.L.E.R or Thorough Examination?

This is a safety inspection and is equivalent to a car's MOT.

What does the term ''Container Specification'' mean?

This is normally a reference to a counterbalance truck that can operate inside an ISO container.

Is it possible to fit attachments to trucks?

Yes, it is possible to fit powered and non-powered attachments.
Please discuss your needs with our rental team.

Is a charger included with the rental of an electric truck?

Yes and they can be tailored to your needs either single or three phase and various time periods to recharge the battery (normally 12 or 8 hours)

May we collect the truck ourselves as we have our own lorries?

Yes, you may collect the truck with your own transport, but please discuss this with our rental team.

Do you have return condition guidelines?

Yes, please refer to the following documents: